Eszter Kövesi Psychologist

Couple and family therapy in English

Family is one of the most complex psychological social and emotional system that may exist amongst human relations – with its most constructive and destructive existence. The heathy family and romantic relationships give the most support that is needed in life for maintaining the physical and mental health and immune system. They grant a stable point of direction, support and strengthen against the external social world, and they grow our self-esteem and ability to cope. The halt and disfunction of romantic and family relationships may result in severe psychological consequences that can affect other relations too, and also the psychical and mental health of the individual. The tensions in relations may manifest openly but often indirectively too, even in the form a sympton, may it be physical or mental. In these cases, it is important to have a look at our relational system, map the family structure, attachments and communication patterns, the transgenerational models and, based on these, going back, spading down and finding the reasons of the symptoms, the halt of communication and the dissolving of balance. The reconstruction and development may start from this point.

You may turn to me with:

  • difficulties and tensions in family relations
  • blockages in the path of life or relational phase of the couple
  • mapping the sociometric of the family
  • unfolding the family and attachment patterns as well as the transgenerational models
  • forming “family and relational self-knowledge”
  • forming effective coping mechanisms
  • developing effective communication and competencies
  • sexual blockages
  • processing family losses

In couple therapy, the members of the couple participate, in family therapy those members of the family who may be involved in the treatment of the problem.

The therapy takes places in a classical consultation room, but in certain cases and blockages, equine assisted therapy sessions are recommended, based on the mutual agreement of the couple/family and the therapist. You may read more about this under the menu of Equine Assisted Therapy.