Eszter Kövesi Psychologist

Equine assisted therapy in English

individual, couple & family, company

Amongst horses in nature, far from the noise of the city, one may get out the drift of the everyday life and let the daily problems go, and – returning to his original, natural state – he may deal with the curing and development of his soul. The horse is an accepting, honest companion, such an intelligent creature that doesn’t judge and differentiate but accepts simply and openly all creatures and happenings around him. He reacts sensitively to our mood, state of soul and behaviour, thus gives a direct feedback about us. We may see ourselves clearly in the mirror held by him, and with this, he helps us to change. The psychological equine therapy happens in the triangle of the patient, the horse and the therapist. The patient goes through a kind of self-knowledge process, where he discovers his own values, his communication develops, he experiences coping and effectiveness, and through all of these: his anxiety and stress level decrease and his self-esteem and his trust in the external world in himself increase. During the sessions, the physical and mental immune system is strengthening, the patient experiences effectiveness, strength and harmony, that helps him to bravely face the challenges of everyday life too.

You may turn to me with:

  • developing self-knowledge and increasing self-esteem
  • dissolving anxieties, treating stress and emotional deprivation
  • developing assertivity and effectiveness
  • experiencing coping
  • controlling emotions and temper
  • developing communicational competencies
  • appropriate handling of social situations
  • helping behavioural, performance and integration problems
  • development of attention and concentration
  • experiencing harmony, peace and satisfaction

The method of equine therapy is recommended for both children and adults. The sessions may take place from the ground, next to the horse or from horseback, in the form of active participational tasks or passive observational, even relaxational activities. During relaxation on horseback, the animal with his waving back, even and rhythmic movement, his body radiating heat, gives us the sense of safety and brings us to a calm, relaxed state of mind and soul.

In what way it may happen:

Individual Therapy: With the help of the horse, the patient goes through a self-knowledge process in which he experiences and discovers his inner values and sources of strength, and decreases his anxieties and processes his problems, this helping his physical and mental health.

Coupe and Family Therapy: Forming a bridge between the family members, the horse helps them to communicate openly and to pay attention to each other, furthermore to understand the family roles as well as to find the appropriate way of cooperating with each other.

Training for Companies: The participants discover the basis of effective and clear communication, get to know each other’s strengths and coping methods and (tuning these with their own) discover how will they be able to cooperate effectively with each other while caring the others’ interests too.