Eszter Kövesi Psychologist

Relaxation Therapy – Autogenic Training

During our lives, our body and soul face many stressful situations, we live in constant force to meet all expectations, and in all of these, we may fall ill: psychical and mental disorders can appear. It is essential to stop sometimes and invest time for relaxation and rest – and this we can do by psychological direct methods, thus reaching our goal more effectively. Autogenic Training is one of the most popular relaxation techniques that can be learnt relatively quickly and easily, though, its effectiveness is undoubtedly outstanding. Through the training we launch processes from physical level that effect our soul too, namely, the relaxation of the muscles is followed by psychological looseness. The patient acquires the technique gradually, he learns the method from session to session, that he practices at home too. Every new part is connected to a psychological field. With the help of the psychologist, the patient processes all the experience that appeared during relaxation, the blockages come to surface, thus a physical and mental self-knowledge process is going through too. By the time the patient acquires the method, he learns to affect his body and his soul too. He may call it for help in stressing situations and will be able to revitalize his body and stimulate his vigilance with a few minutes relaxation.

You may turn to me with:

  • dissolving anxieties
  • treating stress
  • treating sleep disorders and lack of sleep
  • easing physical symptoms
  • increasing physical effectiveness and endurance
  • experiencing calmness and mental relaxation
  • increasing attention, vigilance and motivation
  • experiencing trust and letting the control go
  • strengthening the physical and mental immune system
  • developing and maintaining heath

The therapy takes places in a classical consultation room, but in certain cases and blockages the relaxation on horseback in Equine Assisted Therapy sessions is recommended, based on the mutual agreement of the patient and the therapist. In equine relaxation the presence of the nature, the calmness of the horse and the common “passive movement” bear with special effect. The animal with his waving back, even and rhythmic movement, his body radiating heat, gives us the sense of safety and brings us to a clam, relaxed state of mind and soul. The horse and rider relax simultaneously, and their mutual peace strengthen each other.